How Does Sparks Work?

1. Save Content

Install browser extension using 1-click to save content to getSparks. The content stays personal to you and not shared with other users on the platform.

Utilize getSparks to organize content as you save to make it easier for you to retrieve.

2. View Content

View the saved content anything on your device by simply logging in to your account. Utilize advanced search capability to search content within article.

3. Analysis

getSparks utilizes advance algorithms to make it easier for users to consume the content of article and provides content in different views to make decision-making faster and easier for users.

Some of the key analytical features includes:

  • Text Summary
  • Keyword analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Readability score
  • Person/People Analysis
  • Category assignment and personalized view based on the content vertical
  • Timeline journey

4. User Content

Make the content personal to you by highlighting and adding personal notes for future reference.

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